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At CSU, we know your veterinary practice relies on specific, industry-focused software and applications to keep things running smoothly each and every day. That’s why we offer Veterinary Practice Management Software services, designed to integrate management software into your existing IT environment and ensure the optimal performance of these products.

We specialize in the following Veterinary Practice Management Software:

Digital Imaging Workstation Support:
We currently supply and maintain Digital Imaging Workstations across the United States and Puerto Rico, and have 350 workstations positioned across the US. We also offer same day service should those systems experience any problems, as well as online X-ray image archiving and storage.

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Katie Newbold

I find the cost of GridWatch to be very reasonable when everything is factored in such as the security patches, updates, and support that my staff can directly call and quickly get help. It frees up a significant amount of management time that I used to use chasing down issues and trying to help people myself. It's also comprehensive, I don't have to worry about whether our server or any of our workstations is up to date or that I have to get involved if there is a network issue, which is a huge deal to us.

No one thinks they need home insurance until a tornado hits. We don't have anyone in house with the time or knowledge to be watching things that the monitoring covers. I get a heads up from Chuck when our usage goes too high so we can modify our hardware before our system crashes. I would never know something like that otherwise. Also, with so much employee and client information stored on our system, we have a huge liability on our hands if we were to have a security breach- not to mention the operational headaches and cost of things crashing. The worst feeling in the world is having your own personal pc crash and thinking damn! If I had only backed everything up! (Which has happened to me before!) There's no way I can justify putting my company at risk like that.

LVT Practice Manager
Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates

CSU has been supplying Digital Imaging Workstations for our X-ray equipment for the past ten years. With each of the X-ray systems that we position across the United States, CSU custom builds and configures a computer with our specialized software. Each system carries a three year on-site warranty. Response time is phenomenal, even on weekends.

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