We’re all tired of being scared! Computer Services Unlimited is offering to HELP your business to PREPARE for the Unexpected. As a friend recently said about preparing “I find the more prepared I am, the less I need any of it!”

Schedule a strategy meeting with Michelle and she’ll guide you through:

  • Is your data back up safe and reliable?
  • Is your Critical Data available from anywhere?
  • Do you have your recovery plan in place?
  • Do you have employee cybersecurity training in place?

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Is Working From Home in Your Future? Computer Services Unlimited can help!

Hurricanes can put your business in jeopardy – CSU can give you peace of mind!

Don’t close your business when there is a blizzard – comfortably work from home!

Could a lightning strike fry your network? Be sure to have an offsite backup in place!

Thieves can steal equipment and critical information – CSU can help you stay safe!

A Tornado could wipe out your business location in minutes! CSU can help you re-open!