At absolutely no cost to you one of our technicians will come to your office to conduct a complete audit of your computer systems and network for hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into bigger, more disastrous events. Disasters that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and computer repair bills. So go ahead and activate your voucher today.

You’ll be glad you did!

What does the Audit include?

  • Check for security loop holes that would allow viruses or hackers access to your network.
  • Validate that your backups are actually running properly.
  • Review system logs for error messages and warnings signs for hard drive failures.
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.
  • Review any issue or problem you’ve been having, or just give you a third party opinion.
  • Provide a full written report of our findings.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you
NEVER had to worry
about computer problems again?

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We Just Want Our Computers To Work

We have found CSU’s GridWatch service to be well worth the price. They work hard to make sure that any harmful computer situation is caught before it becomes a problem for our Law Practice. In today’s world, our computers are the engine of our business, we need them to communicate and make money.

Most people just want their computers to work the way they are supposed to work. I don’t want to have to worry about how it works, I just want it to work. My eyes used to roll into the back of my head when I had to worry about hardware and software issues. Now I don’t have too, CSU has taken that burden off of my shoulders. They monitor our systems constantly, which alleviates my having to worry about them.

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