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For The Past Two Years, We Have Not Had ANY Down Time

The price of GridWatch maintenance is worth it. Before signing up with CSU’s GridWatch service I admit that I paid about half the price of what I now pay annually. I also only got 1/16th of the service!

I used to have to call our past company repeatedly just to get a response, then when they came it almost always escalated to a bigger problem--unrelated sometimes to the real problem--costing me even more money. It literally took weeks to get something addressed. The company did not share information well, so each time a tech came, we had to re-explain the issue and our system. It wasted my time and money. I had staff sitting around doing nothing because their computer was down.

Now, because of CSU’s GridWatch maintenance, we rarely have to call at all. They monitor all of our systems, and know when one of them is not behaving properly. When we do have to call CSU they let us know who is coming to solve the issue, what needs to be done and how long it will take. And they make sure it works before leaving! They follow a problem until it is solved. Their whole staff is helpful and they can talk to computer savvy people and computer challenged people!

Now we get regular maintenance--during times when we are not here--and our computers are not down. For the past two years, we have not had ANY down time. It is amazing what CSU can do.

We have been able to grow our business faster and my staff is so happy to have working computers!

We have upgraded our computers and our servers with minimal disruption.

We call them for a software issues and if we have a hardware issue the technician either has it with him or can order it for us--at cost. We have the same technician to deal with and they keep records on our system so we not only have backup, but can see what has been done.