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Our ‘Up Time’ Has Greatly Improved!

Ah computers! We can’t live without them! So what happens when you have to live without them? At some point, at some time, something is going to happen to your critical data. Your server will go down or the work station of a key employee will go down. It could be from a virus on one user’s computer or worse yet, on the server. It could be the hard drive has had it or it could just be full. Your e-mail could get a virus and you can’t get or send e-mails. The possibilities are endless. Now your business is down. You can’t process payroll, can’t pay bills, can’t get out that deadline filing or report. What happens if this goes on for a week or more? What’s a week of work worth to you? What if you could have prevented it?

You can prevent it. CSU’s GridWatch monitoring makes sure that you are protected from viruses and hard drive failures. Their monitoring ensures that your computer systems run smoothly as they are supposed to, so that you can focus on your business. Our ‘up time’ has greatly improved since coming onboard with CSU’s management. I highly recommend it.

Office Administrator