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Now We Don’t Have Any Worries or Concerns

Suburban Kitchens, located in Chantilly VA, has been creating custom dream kitchens for clients for over 25 years. We provide innovative ideas, quality products, great designs and excellent customer service. We employ 25 creative people and it is important that all of our data has a solid backup. In July 2009, we made the important decision to have a managed backup. Computer Services Unlimited suggested their ABRA solution. This solution has both an on-site backup system and a remote off-site backup. It takes a complete image of our server every 15 minutes. If our server were to crash, the on-site backup system would take over and act as our server. We would be backup and running within the hour, verses days or even weeks. Since the ABRA appliance was installed we have had to use it to restore some of our data. Now we do not have any worries or concerns about our back-ups.