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How You Can Prepare for 2020

On January 14, 2020, the Windows 7 end of life will begin, and consumer technical support, security patches, and software updates will cease. While businesses can purchase an extended support package, Microsoft suggests updating to Windows 10 as the best route for your business.

What exactly does “end of life” mean for Windows 7?

Windows 7 end of life means that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 as an operating system. Microsoft will no longer offer any security patches, software updates, and technical support for Windows 7. This will leave your business’s network and computers vulnerable and open to security risks like viruses or attacks.

Regularly maintained security patches and updates to your operating system, network, and firewall protect your computers from vulnerabilities. It is important to always protect your devices and network from outside, and possibly even inside, attacks or other security risks.

Are there a lot of people still using Windows 7?

According to Spiceworks, “79% of organizations still run at least one instance of Windows 7,” and this data also showed that many of these businesses do not have any immediate plans to migrate to Windows 10.

Can I still use Windows 7 after 2020?

Windows 7 users will still have the ability to use Windows 7 in 2020, but there will no longer be any support. The lack of updates for security patches and technical support may leave your Windows 7 operating system or device with ongoing issues.

As a business, you do have the option to buy the extended support package that will offer security updates for up to three years. This would give your business and IT department time to migrate to Windows 10 or purchase new computers. However, you will need to assess the cost of the extended support package and if it fits into your budget.

What do I need to do to prepare?

With any system update, technology introduction, or new software, there are several steps you should take to prepare. These include making sure that you have a data backup and recovery solution in place, making sure your IT department is ready to handle anything that comes up, and knowing your options for the future.

Back Up Your Documents

Your business’s data is important to the growth and daily operations of your business, and you need to have a data backup solution and recovery plan in place. If you are unsure if your data is properly secured, reach out to Computer Services Unlimited and ask about our FREE 30-Minute Network Audit.

Upgrading Your Operating System

Sit down with your IT department and determine how many computers will update to the Windows 10 operating system. Your business should have the least amount of downtime possible as you migrate to Windows 10. You may need to develop a plan to keep your company’s productivity up while getting the newest operating system installed.

If you still need help planning for the upgrade, check out Microsoft’s plan or reach out to a trusted IT partner.

Options for Sticking with Windows 7

As we discussed earlier in this article, after the Windows 7 end of life, the operating system will still be functional. Windows 7 users will no longer receive software updates, security patches, or have technical support unless you purchase the extended support package.

This lack of support and security updates leaves your computers, network, and business open to security risks. If you still have questions regarding the Windows 7 end of life and what it means for your business, reach out to a trusted IT partner or check with Microsoft for more information.

Microsoft has informational materials and answers to FAQs you may have regarding the Windows 7 end of life on their website.

Computer Services Unlimited Can Help With Your Windows 7 End of Life Transition

After the Windows 7 end of life, businesses that do not migrate to Windows 10 will be left without support and important security updates. Is your internal IT department planning for migration to Windows 10? If your IT department already has a lot on their plate, or you just need to know where to get started, Computer Services Unlimited can help!

Located in Chantilly, Va., Computer Services Unlimited has easy access to anywhere in the DC Metro area. Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Network Audit to see how CSU can help you prepare for the Windows 7 end of life.