Get Reliable and Crystal-Clear Calls with VoIP Phone Services in the DC Metro Area

Is your current phone system not keeping up with the demands of your business? Do you find your company is missing calls or—worse yet—sales due to a lack of functionality or features? Not only can it be frustrating to drop a call in the middle of an important conversation, but it can affect your business success. You deserve a better way to communicate with your clients, employees, and partners.

Imagine having an updated phone system that gives you the versatility to make business calls on the go, teleconference with ease, and provide the consistent call quality your business needs. You can have all of these features and more with a new VoIP phone system from Computer Services Unlimited.

As a leading provider of VoIP phone services in the DC metro area, we can replace your outdated phone system with one that works through your internet connection, saving you money on your phone bill. Additionally, with so many organizations moving their workforces to either part-time or full-time remote environments, it pays to have the flexibility of VoIP phone service. You deserve a solution that moves at the same pace your business does and allows you to grow without limitations.

With our new VoIP solutions in the DC metro area, you can rest assured that your business needs will be not only met but far exceeded. Contact us today for a FREE 30-Minute Network Audit and see how our business phone system can work for your company!

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You Need Phone Services that Can Keep Up with Today’s Fast-Paced World

Are you tired of dealing with outdated communication systems that are holding back your small business's growth? Traditional phone systems just don't cut it in today's fast-paced digital world. An aging analog landline phone system, such as a public switched telephone network (PSTN), can be a major headache for any business. These traditional, older-style systems are incredibly outdated and lack the versatility required by an ever-changing business landscape.

They come with a range of limitations that can hinder your business's efficiency and productivity. Imagine the frustration of expensive long-distance calls eating into your budget, the struggle to scale your communication infrastructure as your business expands, and the inability to stay connected on the go. These are just a few of the issues faced by businesses relying on traditional phone systems. It's time for a change. It’s time for VoIP.

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How Can VoIP Phone Services Benefit My Business?

A VoIP phone system lets you take phone calls when you’re on the go, access customer information quickly, and keep your business moving forward. With optimized technology, your VoIP phone system will never go down because too many calls are being made. This communication technology grows with your business without the need for costly equipment upgrades.

VoIP offers all the same features you get with a landline, like a unique phone number, unlimited calls, and the ability to make and receive calls. You’ll also get the many added advanced features that you cannot get with a traditional landline phone. Some of these features include video conferences, call recording, use of toll-free numbers, and integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

One of the most significant benefits of VoIP is cost savings. As a VoIP provider in the DC metro area, our typical client saves a considerable amount on their phone bill. And if you have multiple offices, make a lot of international calls, or have a heavy call center, the savings can be staggering. Many of our clients have seen drastic per month savings each year just by switching to VoIP.

If you’re not happy with your current phone situation because you have outgrown it or need new features, then give us a call today. Let Computer Services Unlimited’s VoIP phone service in the DC metro area provide the benefits every business requires with valuable features, the ability to take on your company’s workload, and low-cost and easy installation.


Installing and setting up a new VoIP system in your office is more accessible and more affordable than you might expect. You’ll get to choose the right VoIP solution for your budget, so you can rest assured you’re saving money. You and your team will also receive the necessary training from our experienced staff to help make the transition smooth and worry-free.

Clearer Call Quality

VoIP phone systems have clearer call quality because the standard for VoIP phone systems is high-definition voice. Traditional phone systems use standard-definition voice, so the call quality is inconsistent, unreliable, and garbled. Getting VoIP phone services in the DC metro area will ensure you have crystal-clear communication between your staff and customers.

Conference Calling

Conference calling can be crucial to your business if you have remote employees, customers, or clients who are out of town or are often on the go. VoIP gives you and your employees the ability to work and make video calls from anywhere. Plus, your VoIP system can link directly with your CRM software, so you always have the latest information available.

Better Customer Support

You’ll always have our trained staff available to take your calls and troubleshoot any issue you’re having. Want to discuss upgrades or additional services for your growing business? Our customer service team can help point you in the right direction! Choose CSU as your VoIP provider in the DC metro area for the best customer support for your growing business.

Call Monitoring & Recording for Consistency

With a VoIP phone system, you can monitor and record calls for consistency and training purposes or learn more about how your company utilizes its call time. This feature means that coaching your staff becomes easier, and if you consistently see the same issues across the board, you’ll be able to train your employees better and retain more of your customers.

Greater Communication Flexibility

You can communicate from any location and on most devices. Never worry about missing a meeting or an urgent phone call when your company uses VoIP phone services in the DC metro area from CSU! VoIP can also make screen sharing, emailing client photos, online faxing, and text messaging easy, convenient, and safe for your employees.

Better Customer Data and Insights

Access your customer contact information, data, and insights better than ever before. VoIP integrates with your CRM software, so customer information is always at your fingertips. With better tracking, you can help your business grow by having accurate customer information and valuable insights into your customers' needs to serve them better and increase your profits.

Fewer Disruptions

With so many advanced features using VoIP technology, you don’t need to use as many programs to get the same amount of work done. With fewer distractions, you and your team can work smarter and focus on what matters most to your business. Plus, you no longer have to be disrupted by the shrill ring of a traditional phone system.

What Can I Expect from Choosing Computer Services Unlimited for VoIP?

You will never have to worry about your VoIP phone system when you partner with the best VoIP provider in the DC metro area—Computer Services Unlimited. We monitor and maintain your phone system using remote management tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (366 days if it's a leap year).

We offer communication solutions with our business VoIP phone system to help grow your business. Don’t let downtime, poorly functioning equipment, or missed calls slow down your business. After a seamless installation, we offer ongoing support, and we'll work with you on pricing to fit your budget. You’ll be impressed with our speed and friendliness from the very first phone call to installation and beyond.

This high level of support is how we stay on top of your system's uptime so that we can ensure your business's ability to make or receive important calls. Calling your provider to tell them your phones aren't working will be a thing of the past because we’ll often know there is a problem before you even do, making fixes quick and easy.

Plus, we are always available to our customers when you need us the most, so if something out of the ordinary should come up, we're accessible to you for reliable, reputable, and quick service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Ongoing Support

Customer support is as important to us as it is to you. We are always available to support your business technology needs as a client, and you will always reach an experienced IT team member, day or night.

Cables, hardware, and tools sit on a desk next to a phone.

Seamless Setup & Installation

We offer seamless setup and installation by our trained and professional staff. Our experts will install your system correctly and ensure that you and your team have the training and knowledge you need to be successful.

A person in a dress-shirt uses a calculator to determine a monthly budget.

Flat-Rate Services

We want to work within your budget, so reach out and speak with one of our team members about our FREE 30-Minute Network Audit. We will assess your needs and offer you the best solutions within your budget.

Are You in an Industry that Benefits from VoIP More than Others?

While VoIP phone services in the DC metro area can benefit many industries, some may see a more significant benefit from switching to this technology. In particular, VoIP features that help businesses the most include dedicated business phone numbers, a virtual receptionist, customized on-hold music, and unified communications. Industries that can benefit from VoIP services include:

  • Call Centers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Airlines
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Customer Service
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Law Offices
  • Consultants
  • Construction

Read What Our Customers Say About Us

Here at Computer Services Unlimited, we're proud of the relationships we build and the solutions we provide for our customers—like ensuring your business success through our managed IT services. That's why we know you'll love our VoIP phone system for your business.

Say goodbye to issues like garbled sounds or echoes thanks to our system's ability to deliver high-definition call quality and unparalleled performance. Dropped calls will be a distant memory. We guarantee it.

So, if you're a business and are ready to move to VoIP phone services in the DC metro area, give us a call. We focus on clients with 10 to 50 workstations (even up to 100) and work with a broad cross-section of industries. Since businesses in the DC metro area are our primary focus, we aim to deliver the right IT solutions for these businesses—at all times. These services include everything from managed IT services and IT consulting to on-site and remote computer support and so much more.

If you're looking for a VoIP company near you in the DC metro area, give us a call today at 703-968-2600. And in the meantime, take a look at what some of our current customers say about working with us!

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I Would Highly Recommend Them To Anyone

I have worked with Computer Services since the company was founded. I have always been more than satisfied with their services and pricing. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing computer services.

Pat Owner, Richter Management LLC, AMS, CMCA

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They Consistently Exceed My Expectations

My business has been using Computer Services Unlimited for nearly 15 years. Their professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency to solve problems has always far exceeded my expectations.

Steve Ignite Selling, Inc.

Proudly Serving Our Nation’s Capital and Beyond

If you call the DC metro area home for your business, we would be proud to serve you! We know that many of the businesses in this area are what keep this nation running. Whether you supply food for government officials, serve in the hospitality industry for area residents and guests, help people find homes, care for the pets in this area, or provide some other extraordinary service, we can help you! Some of the more common cities we serve in this beautiful area include:

Chantilly, VA   Dale City, VA   Fairfax, VA   Fredericksburg, VA   Leesburg, VA McLean, VA Reston, VA Stafford, VA   Woodbridge, VA   Washington DC

For the Best VoIP Phone Services in the DC Metro Area, Choose CSU!

There are many advantages to switching to VoIP, so it’s no surprise to anyone that more businesses in the DC metro area are moving from traditional telephone service to a phone line using VoIP technology. As people, businesses, and society become increasingly mobile and want solutions to keep up with their demanding schedules, VoIP is the logical next step for homes and companies alike.

If you haven’t yet made the switch from aging analog phones that lead to dropped calls, long wait times, and busy signals for your customers, then it’s time to contact a VoIP provider near the DC metro area that can help your business make the switch. At CSU, our friendly staff makes the transition very easy and is there for you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to bring your business into the future, then it’s time to get in touch with Computer Services Unlimited! We’ll never force you to buy features that you don’t want or need, so you can rest assured that when you call us for VoIP phone services in the DC metro area, you won’t need to haggle. Plus, the installation will be easy, and we’ll even train your staff on how to get the most from this technology.

Get in touch with us today to set up your FREE 30-minute Network Audit, and we’ll assess all the ways and cost-savings your business will get from switching to VoIP with CSU from another provider or outdated landlines. Don’t let your business fall behind in today’s competitive landscape. Take action today and unlock the full potential of your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP

You likely have some questions about business VoIP services, and we’re going to answer some of the ones we most commonly hear. If you need more information about VoIP phone services, call quality, or how it works, please feel free to get in touch with us! For additional information, please read our blog on the three big steps to finding the right VoIP phone service, or you can contact us to receive a FREE 30-Minute Network Audit, where we'll determine what solutions are best for your business.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service utilizes an IP network instead of a traditional phone network. VoIP systems use software, hardware, and a high-speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls. You can call from anywhere using a specialized desk phone, laptop, or even a smartphone with a mobile app.

In many ways, VoIP is the future of phone service in America. More and more phone providers are looking to move away from the expensive cycle of replacing, repairing, and updating older analog systems because the customer base that uses them has been shrinking for years.

It's interesting to note that 72.6% of households rely solely on their wireless phones, according to a 2022 finding by the U.S. Health Department. The percentage of households that choose only to use a landline is a tiny 2.1%—embracing the future of VoIP isn't a matter of if but when.

You can learn even more about VoIP phone services in the DC metro area and how to select a provider by reading Buying VoIP.


VoIP phone calls come through your internet connection rather than using a traditional landline or mobile network to make calls. VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal, compresses it, and sends it over the internet to the recipient.

Choosing CSU is a no-brainer for businesses looking for VoIP phone services in the DC metro area. We’ll not only set up the technology needed to make this phone plan work for you, but we’ll also train your staff to get the most use from the system. Plus, we’ll be there for you whenever you need us for troubleshooting, updates, and more.


The quality of calls is outstanding with VoIP phone systems. With traditional and mobile phones, your voice is transmitted in standard definition. This level of quality means that your voice can be affected by noisy surroundings, poor coverage areas, and dropped calls. In contrast, VoIP transmits your voice in high definition, so calls are clear and crisp, no matter if you’re calling a person in the local area or using long-distance calling.


You will need access to the internet to use a VoIP phone system and the specialized software or hardware to make a call. The hardware to make phone calls includes specialized desktop phones, laptops, and mobile devices. Like specific mobile or desktop apps, the software allows you to take your VoIP services anywhere in the DC metro area.


Yes, in fact, VoIP is excellent whether your workforce meets in an office every day or through the internet. Employees can use apps on their mobile devices or desktops to call, text, email, video conference, and even fax their customers and co-workers. So, there’s no longer a need to be in the office to be productive. Whether you’re out meeting with clients or want to hire an exceptional staff member in another state, VoIP is the solution for you!

Additionally, if there’s anything that COVID-19 has taught business owners, it’s that working outside the confines of a building is essential to survive. Plus, more businesses are offering work-from-home as an employee benefit, so to stay competitive in today’s job market, offering remote work can be highly beneficial to your company.

Not only can VoIP accommodate your remote workforce and save you money while doing so, but you’ll also save money in other ways too. By having people work from their homes and not in your building, you’ll save on energy costs. With fewer people operating your office machines, lighting, and heating, you’ll find cost savings in that aspect, too.

And if you’re considering allowing your employees to go fully remote, you’ll need cloud computing support and more robust network security. When you choose a VoIP provider in the DC metro area that can also provide these services, like Computer Services Unlimited, you’ll get reliable, friendly IT services for a flat rate. Using one provider makes it even easier to get the support you need when you need it.


Skype and Zoom are programs that use VoIP technology for video and phone calls. However, using only Skype or Zoom for VoIP doesn’t give you all the support, features, and services that choosing a VoIP provider in the DC metro area can provide. For example, we can also help you with things like data back-up and recovery, co-managed IT support, and remaining compliant with federal and industry standards.


Since a VoIP system can go anywhere you go, you’ll never miss an opportunity to network or make a sale as a business. Let a VoIP system grow with your business, and only spend what you need when you need it.


VoIP phone systems are reliable and valuable because you can take them anywhere you have a mobile device or laptop and access to high-speed internet. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls or busy signals, either. The only downside is that if there is an internet outage at your location, you won’t be able to make or receive calls. However, there are alternative solutions to use for backup in these cases. However, these instances of down internet service don’t happen very often, and your smartphones can still be used during these times.

Didn't find the answer to your specific question about VoIP above? Are you ready to get started with crystal-clear call quality, reliable phone service, and advanced features you can’t get from traditional landlines? Either way, get in touch with us today, and our team will be happy to help!

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