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A little while ago, we took a look at how VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solutions can save your small business money—and make remote work much easier for your entire team. In that blog article, we also examined a few of the VoIP system features that smaller businesses—like the main industries/business types that Computer Services Unlimited serves today here in Northern Virginia—most appreciate.

Today, we're focusing just a little bit closer on the steps you need to take when you're actually working through the VoIP system and service plan buying process. Our very brief VoIP phone buying guide will give you some of the biggest "must-do" actions to ensure that you choose the RIGHT VoIP phone system for your business.

3 Big Steps to Finding the Right VoIP Phone Service

Shopping for VoIP phone systems and service options is not unlike other technology purchasing processes for your small business. However, because so much of business communication relies on phone calls—even in our world of email and text-based messaging—making sure you choose a phone system and service plan that perfectly suits your needs is critical.

And that is precisely why we created our comprehensive downloadable VoIP guide, Not All VoIP Systems Are Created Equal.

1. Get Our Comprehensive VoIP Guide

Honestly, as a small business owner, having strong guidance from experts to help you sort through all of the tech options available with VoIP is key to getting what you want and need for your business operations—and your budget. (And we're not just saying that because we're the experts!) Download our FREE 15-page VoIP report, and we're sure you'll see what we mean. There is a broad sea of features and service options that you likely don't have time to wade through on your own.

For instance, did you know that there are four different ways to implement VoIP? And, three of them are not really appropriate for business phone systems today! Those types include SIP (session initiation protocol) Trunking Phone Lines, Hosted PBX (private branch exchange), On-Premise IP PBX, and Hybrid/Blended PBX.

Now, do you know which one of the four can deliver the voice quality and reliability businesses need?

Spoiler alert: the answer is Hybrid or Blended PBX systems. However, we cover everything you need to know about these VoIP solutions—and compare them to the other options with comprehensive pros and cons—in our guide. Learn more now.

Download Our Free VoIP Guide

2. Ask For a Product Demo

Especially if you're working with a VoIP salesperson who represents one system brand or a specific service provider, it's vital that you ask for product demos so you can see how their solutions actually work. We recommend working with your IT managed services provider (MSP) to ensure that you have more options available to you than just what one salesperson can offer.

Does your current IT provider not offer assistance with making the switch to VoIP? We'd be happy to talk with you here at CSU and provide a FREE VoIP Assessment. We're small business owners just like you and want to help you make upgrading your business phone system easy and affordable!

3. Don't Sacrifice Features—but Don't Pay for Functionality You Don't Need

In our previous post about VoIP's money-saving capabilities that we mentioned above, we covered a few of the most popular VoIP features and options that money can buy, like automated voicemail to email or text message transcription, auto-attendants and programmable company directories, easy teleconferencing, and "follow me" call routing.

The thing to remember when shopping for VoIP systems and services, though, is that your unique company may need a completely different feature set with more robust—or more pared-down—functionality. Evaluate the phone system features you have now that you don't want to lose, and then make a "wish list" of new features that you would like to have. This will help you evaluate VoIP solutions more effectively and ensure that you don't give up features you currently rely on.

Alternatively, you can present your list of wants and needs to an experienced MSP like us here at CSU and relax while we take care of putting together a VoIP package you'll love.

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What About VoIP Service Providers?

As we've touched on somewhat, if you are taking a DIY approach to purchase VoIP equipment and then searching for a reliable VoIP service provider, you may be setting yourself up for unnecessary headaches. Just because you buy the right VoIP equipment doesn't mean you'll automatically have the best VoIP service.

Considering the total cost of ownership for both your VoIP hardware and your subscription fees is crucial, as is thinking about the customer service experience you need and expect. Who will you contact if you have problems with your VoIP system or service down the road?

For best results, we recommend trusting an MSP to be your VoIP service provider. If you want to experience seamless setup and installation, flat-rate services, and truly helpful ongoing support for your VoIP system, contracting with an MSP for VoIP service is the way to go.

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