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Because a computer IT company shouldn’t just care about your technology… they should care about YOU!

At CSU, we strive to come up with creative ways to give back to our clients, in addition to the  technical support that we provide each and every one of them. From hand-delivering holiday gift baskets to hosting private movie screenings, we celebrate our customers any way that we can and we make it our goal to show them how much we enjoy working with them.

As a small business, we feel that we are able to have a more personal, one-on-one connection with each member of the companies that we work with. This connection is something that we truly value and that drives us to work harder and go further for each of our clients, because they’re more than just our clients— they’re our friends. So we always do our best to make sure we’re helping them in any way that we can.


If you’d like to know how we can work with your business, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to have a casual conversation with anyone who is curious about the services we can provide for them. That’s how we keep yoU in CSU!

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