Knowledgeable Experts for Growing Mid-sized Businesses

You may have several IT Professionals on staff, yet it just doesn’t seem like they are able to keep up. They are running from one staff member’s problem to another and when they go on vacation problems do not get fixed.

  • Is your IT Staff checking your backups to make sure that they would restore and work if you needed them?
  • Is your IT Staff are keeping your servers and all computers up to date with the necessary security patches to protect your company?
  • Is your IT Staff monitoring employee activity to keep you free from possible security breaches?
  • Is your IT Staff keeping up with new hires and terminations? Making sure that terminated employees can’t access your network when they leave
  • Is your IT Staff bringing new ideas of ways to improve your business and its operation?

We Help Your Help Desk

  • We work alongside your staff to provide additional resources.
  • We can take some of the hum-drum (but very important) tasks off of their shoulders.
  • We provide additional levels of expertise for less than it would cost to hire one full time employee.