Three rows of servers blink with different colors in an empty room.

Every day, business owners encounter numerous obstacles when trying to conduct business. Crashing hard drives, network hackers, and other computer glitches can wreak havoc on your business's bottom line. Are you adequately prepared to withstand such events? Vital parts of your business like your company's client and customer list, combined with other sensitive data like passwords, can be lost in an instant. Avoid this type of loss after a computer crash or virus attack with data recovery and backup services from Computer Services Unlimited (CSU).

Backup and disaster recovery are necessary for running a business in the Fairfax, VA, area. We are a technologically advanced society living in a time where contact across the globe happens in seconds. Our information is traveling faster than ever, and we need to protect it. Are you doing enough to keep your business information safe? At CSU, we are ready to help you protect your data.

Your Business Depends On It

An online presence is usually required to remain competitive in a tough economic market in today's business world. Gone are the days of hand-written receipts and scraps of paper detailing customer accounts. Yet, your company's customer data is probably the most crucial factor in any business, and when it's under attack, you need to be sure it's protected.

That's where CSU comes in. We can provide you with a complete data recovery plan that will restore your client and customer list after a computer network crash, ransomware attack, or natural disaster to your business.

Doesn't My Computer Automatically Back Up My Data?

Unless you have a professionally installed computer network or have an IT department that is just a phone call away, the odds are your system might not be able to withstand ransomware attacks or network crashes. In addition, many of today's computers have limited storage capabilities, and users often depend on the "cloud" for storage and backup.

Just one hour of downtime for a small-to-midsize business can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue and countless frustrating moments for customers trying to connect or place an order. Don't get caught unprepared. Protect your data and your bottom line with data recovery services with CSU. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will do whatever it takes to fix the problem and make our customers happy.

If you're a small business searching for IT Support to protect your company's valuable data, then give us a call at 703-968-2600. We have helped businesses in many industries with their backup and disaster recovery all around the Fairfax, Virginia area, and we have likely served a customer with similar needs as you. We can get up to speed quickly.

What's Included with Our Data Backup & Recovery Services?

CSU knows how important it is to be available whenever you need it when it comes to your data. Our backup systems backup all your domain and server information and store it on a secure off-site server. If disaster strikes, your data will be restored quickly, with minimal interruptions to your business and customers.

  • Ongoing backups: We secure your data off-site from your location to best protect you from hackers and drive failure.
  • Rapid response: If you have a problem, our team of qualified IT professionals can walk you through what to do next.
  • Industry compliance: Does your business have specific rules for data collection and storage? Our data recovery and backup services can help your business remain compliant by stopping problems before they occur.
  • Continued monitoring: We also continuously monitor your system problems and reach out if we find a problem. If an issue occurs, we alert you and discuss the next steps to take, such as beginning the data recovery process.


When disaster strikes your computer network, who are you going to call? At CSU, we offer backup and disaster recovery solutions in the Fairfax, Virginia area so you have peace of mind before disaster strikes. We're local and ready to help, so give us a call, and our knowledgeable team will step in to repair any damage and get you back up and running. Contact us today for your FREE 30-Minute Network Audit!